#005: Well, that was awkward

In this episode we relive some awkward and cringeworthy moments. some of which include:

  • Awkward urinal moments
  • drinking other peoples drinks
  • Thank goodness for those schmucks on youtube
  • Married life
  • The retarded son… or so he thinks
  • Things John regrets saying to people… and now they’re dead…. probably
  • Wheelies and Motorbikes
  • Date Poop
  • Freeway poop
  • and then it just gets worse from there…

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  2. The ODB Reply

    On iTunes, there’s a setting under preferences to move files into the itunes folder — or just leave them where they are and play ’em. You should set that so it doesn’t copy the files over and double disk space. word

    • casher Reply

      Amazing!! I’m definitely doing this! Shows how much I use a Mac hey. Thanks for listening and for the advice 🙂

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