Why humiliate yourself?

Hey it’s Chris from the podcast. I have recently started a new adventure into the world of Stand Up Comedy and even more recently found I have A LOT of time on my hands. So I’m starting this blog to share all of my ‘noob’ experiences in comedy.

I have always been a massive fan of Stand Up Comedy, for about as long as I can remember I was always watching it. Be it Lano and Woodley on Hey Hey It’s Saturday in the 90’s or Bill Burr on Netflix, YouTube and Live this year. Stand Up Comedy has always been this thing I have put on a pedestal and viewed as one of the hardest, scariest things someone can do. It turns out, I was right….. Almost.

My closest comparison to the nerves I imagined I would have would be similar to someone about to go skydiving, only with stand up you aren’t allowed to show it. Although, if your parachute doesn’t open when you’re skydiving, you will end up an unrecognisable mess on the runway but if a joke doesn’t land on stage, it is only your ego and confidence that is left to mush.

The reason I have started writing this blog is because because I am totally new at this, and everything I have read online (and believe me, before doing this I have been reading a lot) is mostly written by relatively established or at the very least, more experienced comedians than myself. So writing about my own experiences and lessons learned as I start from scratch might be useful to others thinking about getting into Stand Up.

As I write this, I have only stood up in front of 3 Audiences at The Comics Lounge workshop nights in Melbourne which are a really great place to start. I have my first proper Open Mic gig this Tuesday so doing the workshops has really helped with the nerves.

Well, That’s it for my introduction, The next few posts will be about my first 3 short sets, how I have been coming up with material, and some of the harsher lessons I already have and will continue to learn.

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